Portland Neighborhoods

     The Arts District – named for the numerous galleries, theaters, and museums, this cultural area of Portland features the First Friday Art Walk – a self-guided tour of all the art centers in the area from 5-8 p.m. on the first Friday of each month. The Portland Museum of Art is also open on the First Friday Art Walk free of charge. This area is perfect for those who like to explore and see the creativity Portland artists have to show.

    Deering Center – a quiet neighborhood setting that is just minutes to the downtown area of Portland. Deering Center is home to several schools, including the University of New England’s Portland campus.

    Downtown – Home to hundreds of great restaurants (many who participate in the annual Restaurant Week) and shops, the downtown area of Portland is always full of entertainment. The downtown district in Portland provides a variety of fun activities for all to enjoy.

    Great Diamond Island – formerly a World War II military base, Great Diamond Island is accessible by ferry, and the primary modes of transportation on the island are golf carts and bicycles. In a 2010 GQ Magazine article about the coolest small cities in America, getting a lobster roll at the Diamond Cove General Store made the list of must-see places in Portland.  

    Munjoy Hill – a residential area that overlooks the harbor, less than one mile to the downtown area of Portland. Because of the shape of the peninsula, Munjoy Hill has little traffic, as it is situated away from most commuter routes. The area also features the stunning Eastern Promenade, a park with views of the ocean and the famous Portland Headlight.

    North Deering – the northernmost neighborhood of Portland, North Deering is located in a suburban area of the city. It is also the home of WGME, Portland’s CBS affiliate station.

    The Old Port – a historic part of Portland, the Old Port is known for its cobblestone streets, 19th century brick architecture, fishing piers, restaurants, boutiques, and nightlife. A yearly one-day festival is held in the Old Port in the beginning of June, with plenty of authentic Maine food, fun, and activities for all to enjoy.  

    Peaks Islanda popular summer destination, Peaks Island is located about 3 miles from downtown Portland, and is home to numerous famous theaters. The island also features several popular restaurants as well.

    The West End – a neighborhood known for its classic and well-preserved architecture, the West End of Portland has been called “one of the best preserved Victorian neighborhoods in the country” by the Star Tribune. The West End also holds Maine Medical Center, the largest hospital in Maine and the largest employer in Portland.